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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 25, 2019 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the urgent manhunt lasting for hours outside los angeles. scenes. authorities say a son killing his father, his brother, his mother shot, her condition unknown. then, the scene at the gas station, then a bank. and late today, the images, police moving in. what we've just learned. also tonight, 16 u.s. marines here in the u.s. pulled out of formation, one by one, arrested in front of their peers. some accused of human smuggling for cash. tonight, jeffrey epstein discovered unresponsive in his cell, marks on his neck. did he try to kill himself, did someone try to kill him? what we've learned tonight. the horrific attack in the nation's capital. teenagers targeting a man outside a washington, d.c. hotel. police asking for the public's help tonight. what now? after robert mueller told the american people he did not
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exonerate the president, as the president has repeatedly claimed, well, tonight, democrats and the divide on whether to impeach. the chilling new surveillance out tonight on the missouri woman, the ole miss student, right before she disappeared. the deadly scene. an airport shuttle bus flipping today. and the major derailment tonight. 70 cars off the tracks. and america strong. the boy and his dream to meet the pianoman. he was not expecting this. good that evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with that fast-moving scene outside los angeles. a deadly rampage today. four different crime scenes. authorities say the horror beginning at the family home. investigators say that's where a son shot and killed his father and brother and shot his mother. her condition unknown. after starting at home, then tracking him to several other sites. a gas station and then a bank and then a city bus. late today, police moving in and
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abc's clayton sandell leads us off from california tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the deadly southern california crime spree spread across four different scenes with four people dead just now coming to an end. officers in the san fernando valley near l.a. spending a tense 13 hours hunting for a man they say shot his entire family but didn't stop there. >> go ahead and add ems. i got a total of three victims. >> roger, three victims. >> reporter: the first call at 1:50 a.m. in canoga park near l.a., police say 26-year-old gerry zaragoza killed his father and brother and shot and wounded his mother. >> don't approach him. he has shown himself to very dangerous and volatile. >> reporter: about 45 minutes later at this north hollywood gas station, police say zaragoza killed a female acquaintance. and shot another man. just before 8 cl:00 a.m., polic say he next tried to rob a customer at a bank atm. then, during the lunch hour, another shooting, this time, on a city bus.
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>> he just got up and shot the dude in the chest. everybody just scattered. >> reporter: one victim on the bus was killed. about an hour later, after a massive police search, he was taken into custody. >> and clayton sandell joins us live tonight from california. and clayton, we know police are trying to determine some sort of a motive here? >> reporter: that's right, david. they say he was armed when he was arrested and they are trying to figure out a motive. they say he had had past problems with his family and they are now talking to his mother, who survived that shooting, for any clues. they also said he did not appear to know the person that he allegedly killed on that bus. david? >> clayton sandell leading us off tonight. clayton, thank you. we turn next here to 16 u.s. marines under arrest tonight at camp pendleton in california, one by one, pulled out of formation and then arrested right in front of their peers. tonight, they are facing charges including alleged human smuggling. abc's martha raddatz tonight with late reporting here. >> reporter: the mass arrests came early this morning during a battalion formation at camp
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pendleton, the largest military base in california. one by one, the 16 marines pulled from the formation by authorities in front of their peers, handcuffed and taken into custody. all are low er ranking enlisted men, arrested, said the marine corps, for "alleged involvement in various illegal activities, from human smuggling to drug-related offenses." these arrests were triggered after two marines from the same base were charged earlier this month with transporting three undocumented mexicans "for financial gain." those marines were allegedly contacted by a recruiter in mexico and told where to pick up the migrants once they crossed into the u.s. the documents say the marines were spotted by a border agent just seven miles from mexico with the migrants in the back. one of the marines who was arrested said he was promised $1,000 for the pickup. their arrests triggered a broader investigation. officials say none of those
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arrested today served as part of the defense department's border mission. but camp pendleton is less than 50 miles from the border. >> and martha raddatz, i know you've been talking with your sources tonight. these marines could all face jail time? >> reporter: they could, david. it is very possible, depending on the severity and scope of what they find, but having 16 marines arrested at once will likely lead to even more investigations and even more of a spotlight on human smuggling. david? >> martha raddatz, thank you. we turn here to a dramatic turn for accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein, found unresponsive on the floor of his cell at a jail here in new york city. marks found on his neck. he was taken to a hospital. tonight, he is back behind bars, and this question -- did he try to take his own life? or did someone try to kill him? abc's whit johnson tonight. >> reporter: tonight, sources tell abc news jeffrey epstein is on suicide watch in a new york city jail after the disgraced financier was found unresponsive in his cell with marks on his neck.
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when epstein came to, he told authorities he couldn't remember what had happened. investigators initially thought he'd tried to take his own life or make it seem that way. now, they're looking into whether he was assaulted by another inmate or whether he had even paid someone to beat him up. they've interviewed another inmate, nick tartaglione, a former cop accused of murder. i spoke with his lawyer. >> nick knows what happened. we're not going to talk about it. my purpose is to say definitively, nick had nothing to do at all with hurting anybody in that facility, in particular mr. epstein. >> reporter: epstein is accused of exploiting and abusing dozens of minor girls, some as young as 14. just last week a judge rejecting his request for bail. the mega-millionaire had offered to put up his mansion and private jet as collateral for bond. but prosecutors argued he shouldn't be allowed to live inside a "guilded cage." the metropolitan correctional center is a far cry from that. >> eight by eight cells, locked down virtually 24 hours a day.
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sometimes there's two people in a cell. the food is difficult to consume to say the least. >> whit johnson with us live tonight outside the jail in lower manhattan. and whit, epstein's lawyers are making another push tonight for him to be granted bail? >> reporter: david, that's right. epstein's attorneys are still moving forward with that appeal to get him out of jail on bond. they insist he is no danger, he is not a flight risk, but it could be months before he gets an answer. david? >> whit johnson with us tonight. thank you, whit. we turn next this evening to the divide on capitol hill among democrats. do they move forward with impeachment one day after robert mueller testified before the american people, saying he did not exonerate the president. abc's mary bruce tonight on the hill. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after robert mueller was sworn in, democrats were eager today to pivot back to their agenda. >> we will own august, for the people. we will own august. >> reporter: mueller's testimony adding new fire to the impeachment debate. >> did you actually totally
3:38 pm
exonerate the president? >> no. >> reporter: but that hearing not enough to move the needle for speaker pelosi. >> are you going to discourage your members at all from announcing their support for an it impeachment inquiry? >> never have done that. i have never done that. >> reporter: since the mueller hearings, just three new democrats have come out to support impeachment, bringing the total to 95. >> the jury that i care the most about is the jury of the american people. and what message an impeachment that results in an acquittal in the senate will leave for future generations. >> reporter: a question even supporters of impeachment are struggling with. >> why impeach the president if it is going to fail in the senate? >> because we have an obligation under the constitution of the united states to operate independently one branch or another, or one house or another. >> reporter: today, republicans grappling with mueller's stark warning that russia is still meddling in our elections. >> they're doing it as we sit here. and they expect to do it during
3:39 pm
the next campaign. >> reporter: but republican leader mitch mcconnell today blocked several bills that would boost election security. are republicans doing enough on this issue on election interference? >> we're trying to. >> reporter: what does that mean? is the president doing enough to draw attention to this issue? to the fact that russia is meddling, that it needs to be stopped? >> no. >> reporter: no? >> and you'll keep asking the questions. mary bruce live on the hill tonight. and mary, just a short time ago, we took note that the senate intelligence committee released that report on russian meddling with a big warning for the next election. >> reporter: well, david, this bipartisan report outlines sweeping attempts by russia to interfere in the 2016 election. it says that russia targeted all 50 states, though no votes were changed. and the report warns that swift action needs to be taken to shore up these systems, because they say russia will be at it again. david? >> mary bruce, thank you. next, to puerto rico, where governorry cargo rossello has resigned tonight. weeks of mass protests turned to celebration in san juan. the call to oust the governor after sexist and homophobic text
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messages were released. he said he will step down next friday. the secretary of justice is in line to take over, but she's already under fire tonight for her handling of aid after hurricane marimaria. there was a grim warning from the father of those teens missing in canada. the suspect's father says he believes his son is on a suicide mission. and police say they are closing in on the boys. abc's matt gutman again tonight. >> reporter: levly-armed canadian police staging tonight in a remote manitoba town where those teenage murder suspects are believed to be hiding. >> he's going to be dead today or tomorrow. i know that. >> reporter: al schmegelsky warning his son is on a suicide mission. >> a normal child doesn't travel across the country killing people. a child in some very serious
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pain does. >> reporter: these two childhood friends, pictured in wanting posters, now suspected of murdering this man, leonard dyck, after gunning down american chynna deese and her boyfriend, lucas fowler, along a highway in british columbia. bryer reportedly sent them to fellow video gamer and shared with canada's globe and mail. the 18-year-old holding an asoft rifle. in another photo he wearing a gas mask. in this picture a nazi flag and a knife. lisa lucas, the mother of dafrnt gamer, saying her son stopped playing video games years ago when he started feeling uncomfortab uncomfortable. >> the comments he would make, a little bit more on the violent side of the video games. he would mention things about, like, if this was real. >> reporter: david, police haven't had a sighting of the pair in three days, and there have been no reports of stolen vehicles, which leads them to believe that the two are on foot and still in that area.
3:42 pm
why they are surging tactical teams there, they tell us they want to take the two alive. david? >> matt gutman, thank you. meantime, police in washington, d.c. tonight have released new surveillance video of a brutal attack outside a d.c. hotel. teenagers attacking two men, one man is seriously injured. tonight, police are asking for the public's help. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. and we do caution tonight, this video is difficult. >> reporter: tonight, washington, d.c. police searching for the teenagers who did this -- beat and kick this man outside an historic hotel, putting the man and another victim in the hospital. it all happened on a recent saturday night as the man is casually strolling toward the washington hilton hotel. suddenly, he's blindsided by a punch from a young male suspect. within seconds, it's a melee with at least ten boys and girls joining in, ruthlessly kicking, punching and stockimping the victim. in one last despicable act, this girl appears to spit on the man. >> i can tell you it was very troubling to see. it looked like 10 or 12 people
3:43 pm
that assaulted him. >> reporter: the police report suggests this may not have been random, but a case of mistaken identity. one of the suspects allegedly yelled, "that's him," with another victim responding, "that's not him, you have the wrong person." d.c. authorities say teens or not, this will not be tolerated. >> it won't be treated like a schoolyard prank. that's an assault. and it carries jail time. >> and pierre thomas joins us live from washington tonight. and pierre, police believe the suspects were all teenagers? >> reporter: david, police originally thought the suspects may be as young as 13, but today, officials say they may be older teens. tonight, police asking for the public's help, as you said, to identify them, david. >> all right, pierre thomas from the scene of the attack tonight. pierre, thank you. the trump administration has announced the federal government will resume executing prisoners awaiting the death penalty for the first time in 16 years. the attorney general ordering the bureau of prisons to schedule the executions of five federal inmates on death row, all of them convicted of
3:44 pm
murdering children. 21 states have outlawed capital punishment. and from sweden tonight, american rapper asap rocky has been charged with assault. he's been jailed for three weeks now. the rapper will face trial on tuesday for this street fight, seen in video obtained by tmz. his lawyer says it was self-defense and some hollywood names, even president trump trying to intervene on his behalf. president trump tweeting today, quote, give asap rocky his freedom. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the new surveillance of that young missouri woman, the ole miss student, right before she disappeared, and what police are now saying tonight. the images coming in today, the deadly shuttle bus accident, this is near a major airport tonight. the bus flipping onto its side. paramedics on the scene. talking about several teens hospitalized, the doctors say because of vaping and their warning here in a moment. there is also news coming in tonight on a massive trail derailment today. 70 cars off the tracks. a lot more news ahead here on a
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ask your doctor about jardiance today. next tonight here, authorities in mississippi have now released new surveillance video showing that young missouri woman, an ole miss student, right before her death. a college classmate, a young man from texas, is now under arrest. marcus moore has the video tonight. >> reporter: tonight, this newly-released video showing the last known images of ally kostial before her death. the senior at ole miss seen here in a white top and blue shorts, leaving a bar near the town square last friday just before midnight. a short time later, she would be dead from multiple gunshot wounds. police say, at the hands of classmate brandond. kostial's murder has stunned many in this college town. >> he's always been a gentleman and been sweet and been kind. >> reporter: but one fellow student says he lived in the suspect's freshman dorm. >> constantly had to reference his father's money, how his dad could get him out of anything. >> reporter: today, theesfeld's
3:48 pm
father visiting him in jail. >> would you like to say anything about his guilty or innocence, sir? >> read the constitution. >> reporter: ally and brandon are seen here in a photo posted to her social media three years ago. >> i wouldn't even say that anyone ever would picture him or anyone really doing something like this. >> reporter: david, theesfeld's attorney says he will enter a plea of not guilty, and in the meantime, ally's friends in st. louis, where he's from, plan to hold a vigil tonight in the her honor. david? >> marcus, thank you. when we come back, the major headline involving billy joel tonight. also, the latest on that massive train derailment, some 70ene. and the new warning from doctors this evening about vaping and teenagers, after eighteens were hospitalized. they were so alarmed, they called a news conference. the index is next. it's tough to quit smoking cold turkey. so chantix can help you quit slow turkey. along with support,
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and where they're heading with just a glance at their smart device. the power to make treatment decisions. to customize alerts and alarms to help keep them in range. the power to lower their a1c. all this knowledge... powered by a small wearable. the dexcom g6. to the index of other news tonight and a deadly airport shuttle bus crash in seattle. aerial video tonight showing the marriott bus on its side with a second vehicle on the median there and first responders treating patients on the scene. at least one person is dead, eight injuries reported. the cause of the crash is under investigation. a massive train derailment in mercer county, missouri, tonight. drone footage coming in showing some of the 70 union pacific cars that toppled off the tracks during a trip between wisconsin and texas. some spilling sand, b situation tonight, no injuries reported, that's theoo
3:52 pm
news therd a news conference day, eighteens have been nth, and ty vaping isng a eight patients there in milwaukee suffered lung damage and they're warning parents about the possible dangers of e-cigarettes. today, the cofounder of jewel, a nicotine vape brand popular with teenagers, he was grilled by congress and they said they never intended the product to be used by nigh mores. and paris continues to swelter through its hottest day ever. the temperature in paris soaring to over 108 degrees today, shattering a record back in 1947. residents and tourists seeking relief in many parts of paris, including the fountains at the base of the eiffel tower. there are concerns the heat could complicate restoration at notre dame. when we come back tonight, america strong, and this time, it involves billy joel.
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finally tonight here, america strong. the boy who has been playing piano since he was just 2 yearst none of that has stopped him. he's always had a dream, and when his idol got wind of this,
3:57 pm
well, this is what happened. logan is 14, he's blind, autistic and he is talented. he playing the piano, and look who he's with. his mother and the pianoman. and when billy joel heard about logan, this is what happened next. ♪ billy joel, logan and that famous song. ♪ logan playing b ining "pianoman" ♪ all of this right before the concert at madison square garden, when they normally perform sound checks. on this day, billy joel giving that time to logan, who is from brooklyn, and he's been playing piano since he was 2. at first, logan had been invited to the sound check by the msg garden of dreams foundation, but he and his mother had no idea the pianoman would invite him to play. >> it was amazing, billy joel.
3:58 pm
>> reporter: billy joel, his idol, right there with him. >> there's a very small difference between music and magic, and what was happening on that stage was magic. >> reporter: magic with the pianoman and that boy with a dream from brooklyn. ♪ so much fun seeing logan on that stage and hard to imagine we could love billy joel more than we already did. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. until then, have a good evening. good night. now news to build a better bay area. from abc7.
3:59 pm
>> framing, the daniel to our septic system. had to have it replaced. and just the fact of the overpayment that we paid to them. >> a laundry list of problems on top of the fact their home was destroyed in the tubbs fire. rebuilding is also becoming an issue. >> thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. for months we've been reporting on the problems encountered by dozens of tubbs victims who hired a central valley contract to build their homes. chiaramonte continued to promise they would get the work done but they haven't. >> we have a story that you'll see only on abc7 news. wayne? >> reporter: we've been following this one for quite awhile. behind me, one of the homes that is they started and now the homeowner is finishing it. that's just one of many homes here.
4:00 pm
this is a company that appears at this point to not be responding. there are dozens of lawsuits against it. let's begin with attorney richard freedman. >> it is a moral disaster for people who had lost absolutely everything who got some slight glimmer of hope that they were going to be able to rebuild their homes, put their lives back together. and to have him take their money and not follow through on his commitments was devastating to them. >> attorney richard freedman says devastating to the tune of $3 million or $4 million that fire vips paid for which some haven't seen any work done at all. in toe larry county, chiaramonte construction did not respond to a knock or return our calls. as some tubbs fire sites sit


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